Why We Do What We Do

Latched was to some extend conceived out of frustration of a mother who had a wardrobe malfunction during and after pregnancy. It was particularly hard during the breastfeeding days when she struggled to feed her baby in regular clothes and getting stares from passerbys at the screaming baby under the nursing cover. It doesn't help that a lot of nursing wear available in the market were not flattering for her. 

And so then, there was the idea of making maternity/nursing wear that makes mothers look effortlessly chic.


Shanon Babydoll Center Front Zip Dual Function Maternity/Nursing Wear

This dual function piece here will last you through both pregnancy and breastfeeding days.  


 The babydoll cut is great for growing bellies and the Center Front Zip with inner layer allows nursing mothers to breastfeed easily and discreetly.

This pretty dress with gathered sleeve details can also be worn as a casual dress even after baby is weaned!


We made every piece from scratch, and every details are carefully considered and tested. Just so you can be sure it would work for you!



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